After reviewing the results of past Annual Meeting attendee surveys and listening to feedback from participants over the past few years as well as incorporating the reported suggestions from the Annual Meeting Taskforce, we have made a few updates to the Annual Meeting program. We are listening to your suggestions; more time in the evenings to have dinner with colleagues, less concurrent sessions so more sessions can be attended, and more opportunities to network with peers. Here are highlights of the updates and enhancements for this year’s Annual Meeting.

Schedule Shift

The meeting dates this year are Wednesday, November 20 – Saturday, November 23, 2024. Some important changes to note are:

  • Registration will open at 2 pm on Tuesday, November 19 with a Welcome Reception that evening. The half day on Sunday has been dropped.
  • Scholarly concurrent sessions will begin at 8:30 am Wednesday (November 20), Thursday (November 21) and Saturday (November 23) and at 10:15 am Friday (November 22).
  • All session timeslots have been reduced to 90 minutes.

Below are further highlighted changes to the schedule. A full schedule will soon be available.

Update: Individually Volunteered Papers

The individual submission options for the General Call for Participation are Flash presentation session (in-person), Poster presentation session (in-person), and Talk presentation session (pre-recorded). We do not have the option for individually volunteered papers (IVPs) this year. In years past, people could submit an individual paper, which would be reviewed individually and constructed into an Oral Presentation Session during the peer review process. However, feedback from members, attendees, and the meetings task force has indicated that these constructed sessions have not been consistently successful. Many of these sessions created during the review process were less cohesive than pre-formed oral presentation sessions. We also saw several of these sessions fall apart before the meeting due to organizational issues among session participants. In many of these situations, we didn’t learn about this until it was too late to fill that time slot with another session.

Starting in 2024, if you would like to present your work in an Oral Presentation Session, you are responsible for connecting with other papers and forming an oral presentation session before submission. In pre-formed oral presentation sessions, roles are clearly defined ahead of submission and sessions are more cohesive because participants choose to work together based on an overarching theme. To form a session, we are encouraging people to collaborate before and during the General Call, by using various forms of social media with #AAA2024TAMPA or reach out to colleagues through the AAA Community Boards to search for other papers in order to form oral presentation submissions. A 2024 Annual Meeting LinkedIn group has also been created to assist in collaborating with your colleagues to form oral presentation panels.

To view the individual and groups submission types visit the Annual Meeting website.

New this year! Enhanced Poster Presentation Sessions

We are offering a happy hour poster presentation session on Thursday at 6 – 7:30 pm and a coffee break poster session Friday morning at 8:30 – 10 am. These poster sessions will not compete with other programming and will be held in the exhibition hall so we will have more space to accept additional sessions this year.

For more information, visit our FAQs or contact our meetings team.