What is an installation?

Installations invite anthropological knowledge off the beaten path of the written conference paper. Installations are a type of programming element for the Annual Meeting that are specifically not any of the other programming types; they are not oral presentation sessions, flash presentation sessions, roundtables, conversations/debates. Installations exist to give submitters the opportunity to present a visual or interactive experience for their fellow attendees. If your submission fits into one of the other categories in the General Call for Papers, it is not an installation. Some examples of installations from the past: Dances, Art Exhibits/Installation, Virtual Reality Displays, Video Displays, Exercise/Yoga/Movement demonstrations.

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Session Format and Limits

Session format: In person, in Baltimore OR Virtual

  • If your session doesn’t match this format, please consider submitting another type of group session type.
  • Session length:  Varies
  • # of session participants allowed:  1-32


  • Does it allow for individual abstracts?  NO.
  • Length of individual abstracts:  N/A
  • Length of overall session abstract:  500 word maximum (and a 50 word minimum)

Role limits:

  • Organizers: 1 (min) to 2 (max)
  • Chairs: 0 (min) to 2 (max)
  • Installation Participants: 1 (min) to 30 (max)

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Important to Note – A Blank Slate

If installations are chosen for the onsite, place-based, program in Baltimore, they are scheduled into completely blank space. The rooms assigned for installations will not have furniture or seating. You will be unable to attach anything to the walls. There will be no AV provided. Think of this space as blank gallery space. Installation presenters need to bring everything they need for their setup with them. If you need to rent furniture, AV, equipment, etc., the meetings team can assist you, but the financial responsibility is entirely the submitter/presenters. 

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How to Submit

If you believe your work fits the description of an installation, please submit it in the submission portal during the General Call for Papers. The portal is closed. The deadline passed on 3 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

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New This Year

In order to assist us in determining if submissions meet the description for installations, as well as determining their quality for presentation/selection onto the program, all installation submissions will be reviewed by Program Chairs from the Society for Visual Anthropology.

  • When you choose your primary review group in your submission, please choose the Society for Visual Anthropology.
  • You are welcome to choose secondary and tertiary review groups in your submission as well.
  • If you do not choose the Society for Visual Anthropology as your primary review group, AAA staff will make that change for you once submissions close, in order to route your submission to the SVA team for review.

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For any questions, please email

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