The AAA and CASCA are committed to creating an Annual Meeting and anthropological community that are supportive, inclusive, conducive to anthropological research. This year, we are asking you, in your role as a session organizer, to help fulfill this commitment by:

  1. Collecting and submitting all pertinent information related to your session and each of the participants by the designated deadlines.
  2. Note: This includes collating and delivering accessible presenter materials (e.g., PowerPoint slides, lists of terms, and outlines and agendas) to help interpreters and captioners prepare to support your session and to provide access copies to attendees in the virtual platform.
  3. Serving as the point of contact for all co-panelists and participants in the session and relaying important information regarding deadlines and speaker tasks.
  4. Maintaining contact with the co-panelists and participants in your session in preparing for the Annual Meeting.

To assist you in carrying out these responsibilities as session organizer, we encourage you to:

  1. attend AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting instructional webinars,
  2. view resources and online guides, and
  3. make sure your co-panelists meet deadlines and are aware of resources available as well.

Other roles can learn about their responsibilities on the Session Role Types and Limits page.

Support Webinar Recordings

The following video was created for last year’s Annual Meeting. Organizer responsibilities will be the same for the 2023 AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting.
Coming Together: The Responsibility of Annual Meeting Session Organizers