Call for Annual Meeting Symposium Papers: Humanity at 419

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What is Humanity at 419?

The American Anthropological Association is calling for papers to be included in the inaugural panel of a symposium on human dimensions of climate change, to be held each year at the AAA Annual Meeting. The number in the symposium series title refers to the 419 parts per million (ppm) for atmospheric CO2 concentrations in 2021. Each year, the number in the symposium’s title will change to reflect the yearly increase of this concentration in the atmosphere. The future of humankind depends on stopping and reversing greenhouse gas emission levels, and enhancing resilience in the face of the effects of climate change.

As the discipline dedicated to understanding the human condition, anthropology offers vital insights into the obstacles and possibilities that make up the existential threat of climate change. We recognize that climate change has social, cultural and political dimensions, ranging in scale from the global to the personal. What ideas and actions can anthropologists offer to meet a climate crisis that is already underway, now intertwined with a global pandemic? Are there stories we can and should tell to invite broader academic and public engagement with climate change?

We are especially interested in work that explores research-driven levers for action. We encourage proposals from all of anthropology’s subdisciplines, and both established and early career scholars. Proposals may be submitted from individuals or teams, including multi and transdisciplinary teams. We are also looking both for work that speaks to the anthropological community, as well as work that looks outward to other disciplines and to the wider public.

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Proposal Expectations

Submit your proposal of no more than 500 words following the below outline by 25 May 2021:  

  1. A one-paragraph statement of research objectives;
  2. A one-paragraph statement of key findings, observations, or argument;
  3. A paragraph about research methods (if relevant)

Selection decisions will be announced by 25 June 2021. Presentation drafts of papers are due by 1 November for exchange and feedback among the presenters. A live-streamed roundtable discussion based on these papers will be staged sometime between 17-21 November, as part of the Annual Meeting. The written version should thus take the form of an article manuscript rather than the written guide for an oral presentation. However, for the live-streamed roundtable discussion, presenters will be asked to discuss, rather than read their papers to maximize public appeal.

The manuscripts due on 1 November will be circulated to the press but embargoed from publication until after the live-streamed symposium. The AAA will solicit authors’ interest in publishing their papers as an e-book in the AAA’s monograph series. This does not exclude the possibility of a participant submitting the paper to a peer-reviewed journal for publication.

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Registration Information

Presenters will have their registration fees covered by the AAA, and they will receive a modest honorarium.

Note: Being selected for this symposium counts toward the limitation of one major role in the Annual Meeting.

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  • Submission Deadline: Tuesday, May 25, 2021
  • Decisions Announcement: by Friday, June 25, 2021
  • Presentation Drafts Due: by Monday, November 1, 2021
  • Live-Streamed Roundtable Discussion: time to be determined between Wednesday, November 17 and Sunday, November 21st

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Submit Your Proposal

Please submit your proposal through this Google Form  by May 25, 2021. We encourage you to prepare your proposal in a separate document to confirm it is no more than 500 words prior to submitting it through the Google Form.

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Please complete the form below to direct your questions to AAA Executive Director Ed Liebow.

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