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Installations at the Annual Meeting are a chance for attendees and presenters to shed the traditional styles of presenting their work and their research. Installations are not formal presentations of papers, or moderated discussions between people around a central topic. They break the mold of all other programming types. In the past, Installations have been dance performances, art installations, exercise classes, poetry slams, computer/digital displays, museum exhibits, and virtual reality experiences. Once outside the traditional session types of the Annual Meeting, your imagination and creativity are your only limitations.


Since installations can take all kinds of forms, and we couldn’t possibly predict the beauty of your imagination’s work, we prefer to collect some basic information from you about your idea as your installation submission, and then engage in a conversation with you about your plans and how we may be able to accommodate them. The AAA will provide a ‘blank canvas’ – open space for your installation, but cannot provide equipment, furniture, or technology. We can work with you to source those items should you need to procure them, or you are welcome to bring all you need into the space with you. In order to get this conversation started with our team, please reach out to with the below information.


Organizer First and Last Name

Organizer Email

A description of what you’re looking to do for your installation.