While the final version of your slides would benefit our auditory access team and anyone requiring access copies, we will accept drafts that provide a clear outline of your content and materials. Provide enough information to meaningfully engage Annual Meeting attendees who may need these resources and for CART captioners and ASL interpreters to accurately communicate your presentation. You can add more in-depth content to your slides from the time you upload it to the portal and to the day of your presentation, but please note, attendees will only have access to the slides you uploaded to the portal.In the case you choose to submit a draft of your slides instead of your final slides, please include in one of the first slide’s text boxes “Draft Slides Prepared on DATE”. This will help audience members and the access team to differentiate your draft slides from the final slides presented.If you would like to edit your slides after uploading them to the Speaker Resource Center, please connect with the Accessibility & Meetings Manager through our contact form to determine if that will be possible.

For guidance on preparing slides prior to the meeting, please review this primer on “How to Make a Slideshow for Your Conference Presentation Before Writing Your Presentation,” edited from Dr. Cassandra Hartblay’s initial Twitter thread.