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Setting Up Your Zoom for Remote Presenters for Your In-Person Session

If you are in an in-person session group and have at least one presenter joining you remotely, this page outlines how to set up your Zoom. Please note that AAA is unable to support your on-site person in setting up your Zoom call and computer to support remote presenters. Each session needs at least one person on-site in Baltimore to complete these tasks.

Should I as a session organizer/presenter review the instructions on this page? 

The below instructions apply to…

  1. In-person sessions that designated “Some of our presenters will be in the room to present onsite, but we wish to Zoom at least one of our speakers into our in-person session room to present” in the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting In-Person Group Session Preferences Form sent out at the end of September 2021 (In-Person Oral Presentation Sessions, In-Person Roundtables / Town Halls, In-Person Conversations or Debates, In-Person Interviews).
  2. Volunteered oral presentation sessions that had at least one in-person presenter planning to attend as submitted in the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting In-Person Individual Submission Preferences Form at the end of September 2021.
  3. Any sessions that plan to include a remote presenter via Zoom in their in-person session, even if they did not inform AAA of this decision by the end of September. AAA does not need information about your change in plans if you choose to include a remote presenter in your session.

The below instructions DO NOT apply to…

  1. Fully virtual live sessions (Virtual Oral Presentation Sessions, Virtual Roundtables / Town Halls, Virtual Conversations or Debates, Virtual Interviews).
  2. Fully in-person live sessions with no remote presenters (In-Person Oral Presentation Sessions, In-Person Roundtables / Town Halls, In-Person Conversations or Debates, In-Person Interviews).
  3. A small group of pre-selected “Live from Baltimore” live sessions.
  4. Asynchronous presentations (Talks, Virtual Posters, Podcasts, Three-Minute Thesis submissions, Virtual Flash Presentation Sessions).
  5. Individual presentations taking place in Baltimore (In-Person Posters, In-Person Flash Presentation Sessions).

What if my session planned to be in-person but no longer has an in-person attendee on-site in Baltimore?

AAA is unable to add any additional sessions to the virtual live program at this time.

If you no longer have an in-person attendee on site in Baltimore, your session will either need to:

  1. withdraw, or
  2. record your session as an asynchronous session.
    1. If you record your session as an asynchronous session, AAA will be able upload the recording of your session to the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting On-Demand Library in our virtual platform, Pathable, for all attendees to view on demand.
    2. If you choose to record your session to be uploaded at a later time, please use Zoom and use the “Auto-Transcription” option under the “Closed Caption” or “Live Transcript” icon of your Zoom menu bar to capture a transcript of your session recording. Both the video/audio and a transcript will be requested for the on-demand library.
    3. Additional instructions and appropriate deadlines for how to include your recording in the library will be sent to you following the completion of the below form.

Let AAA know if your in-person session needs to withdraw or plans to submit a recording to the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting On-Demand Library.

Set Up Your Speaker Zoom Link

It is the responsibility of each session group to have someone from their group setup a zoom meeting link and share it with the speakers on the session. The AAA will NOT provide zoom links for sessions that have speakers both virtually and onsite at the meeting. These sessions will NOT be live-streamed for the benefit of a wider audience, except in a few exceptional cases. We will contact you if your session is one that has been selected for live-streaming. You should make sure you have the permission of your presenters if you would like to record the session using your own Zoom account.

Whomever in your group is onsite at the meeting will need to go to the meeting room before the start of your session and set up their laptop at the podium, where a special speaker Wi-Fi network will be available (details provided on the podium) to connect to Zoom and allow your virtual speakers to make their presentations remotely. It is absolutely necessary to follow the security protocols below to ensure the safety of your zoom meeting link and reduce the risk of harmful disruptions to your session.

Zoom Security Protocols

  1. Do not share the meeting link with anyone other than speakers in your session.
  2. To be able to interact with your remote presenters more effectively, please use the Zoom “Meeting” feature, not a “Webinar.”
  3. Set all Zoom meetings to utilize the “waiting room” feature and only admit speakers to your Zoom room.
  4. Ask speakers to update their account profile to show their first and last name so the host in the meeting room in Baltimore who starts the Zoom meeting knows who is entering the Zoom meeting, and can admit them from the waiting room.
  5. Create a backup Zoom meeting link and communicate it to your speakers in the case of an emergency and the meeting must end, the new link can resume the session speakers.
  6. Set Zoom meeting defaults for attendees to enter with their microphones and cameras off, requiring them to turn them on when it is their turn to present.
  7. Before you login, make sure you have the latest up-to-date Zoom version.
  8. Hosts (whoever starts the Zoom) can make other presenters co-hosts, enabling them to share.
  9. Consider having two people monitoring – the organizer and a security person; make them both co-hosts – these people can give people screen sharing access as well as admit your speakers into the Zoom room from the waiting room, as they arrive.
  10. Be there 5-10 minutes early to begin checking people in the waiting room. Onsite meeting rooms will be available 15 minutes before the start of your session.
  11. Familiarize yourself with how to mute / unmute someone manually.
  12. Familiarize yourself with how to remove someone from the room.

Do not distribute your zoom link to viewers to watch. Keep your Zoom link for speakers only to reduce the risk of disruptions to your session.